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Vicks V1300 VapoRub Inhalator Portable Manual Steam Inhaler

Vicks V1300 VapoRub Inhalator Portable Manual Steam Inhaler Zoom

Vicks V1300 VapoRub Inhalator Portable Manual Steam Inhaler


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Product Description


    Vapor therapy for healthful living.

    Water is one nutrient that all forms of life must have to survive. Your body requires sufficient moisture to work properly and functions poorly without it. Your lungs and respiratory tract are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of dryness.

    Respiratory illnesses occur throughout the year.

    In the fall and winter, the humidity level decreases to yearly lows and heating systems further reduce moisture in the air. Spring and summer months bring respiratory discomfort to millions of allergy sufferers. Doctors recommend vapor therapy for symptomatic relief of colds, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis and allergies.

    The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler provides a steady flow of warm moist air directly to the nose and throat for quick relief of nasal, sinus and chest congestion, coughs and parched throat. The unique patented soft plastic hood, boiling cup and adjustable steam control allow cool air to mix with the steam for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

    Small and lightweight.

    The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler can be used at home, at the office and when traveling. For continuous Vapor Therapy relief, use Kaz room humidifiers and vaporizers. Kaz invented the electric vaporizer in 1924 and today is the world's leading manufacturer of vaporizers, humidifiers and other healthcare appliances. Soothing steam penetrates nasal sinus and throat passages quickly and safely for natural therapy.

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    Additional Information

    Weight (KG) 0.250
    Manufacturer VICKS
    Barcode Number 4022167136008
    Colour N/A
    MPN V1300
    Model V1300
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